So who should we really blame for the cause of all this, the fashion industry or the media? This chart from the website Rader Program, sets up some of the reasons why women want to be thin. However, it is no surprise that the fashion industry prefers skinny models. This has been going on since Twiggy in the 1980s.


Unfortunately, when Kate Moss started advertising Calvin Klein, her look set new weight standards for models.


From then on Calvin Klein and other designers favor extremely thin models. But first the whole problem starts with the photo shoots, designers make the sample sizes smaller each time for models to wear for the ads and editorial spreads. This means that models get thinner and thinner each time. Unfortunately, some models show up at fashion shoots looking so unhealthy that photo editors are forced to add fat to their bodies in retouching, and to airbrush out their protruding bones. Not only are models are promoting to be thin, but also foods/drinks. The drink Skinny Water ® had to withdraw their ads because customers were complaining their headline, “Skinny Always Gets the Attention.”


The ad for Pretzel Chips® used the tagline “Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels,” which is the phrase that Kate Moss admittedly said she lived by.


Also, according to the Business Insider, there is a group of girls that call themselves “pro-ana,” who are a community of women for favor anorexia. Twisted right?


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