The Do’s and Don’ts of exercise:

I am not a personal trainer nor do I have much experience about exercising but there are a couple of things that should and shouldn’t be done that is pretty obvious when it comes to exercising.


  • Definitely exercise. According to, we were meant to run. It is not good to be sitting around all day, drive, and go to sleep. There are so many ways to exercise! If you don’t like one method, try another.
  • Do warm up. A lot of people tend to not warm up before exercising. This is how injuries occur. Warming up slowly increases the circulation in your body.


  • Don’t give up. The key to a good exercise is to change it up once in a while. Eating the same meal every night would get boring right? It’s just like exercise. This will keep your routine going.
  • Don’t overdo it. Knowing your body’s limits is one of the most important lessons you learn with exercising daily. You won’t turn from a couch potato to a trainer in weeks. Start off slow, if not, you might hurt yourself.

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